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Hopkins Shuttle

Why choose us?

San Ignacio Shuttles is the only shuttle company that provides a cooler with local drinks for the shuttle ride.

We have some of the most experienced drivers, all our drivers are trained to drive in day and in night on all our high ways in Belize.

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Shuttle to Hopkins, get drop at any resort or hotel in the area.

Shuttle To Hopkins

Our Hopkins Shuttle transfers is able to shuttle from Belize’s International airport or San Ignacio and other requested destinations which may be on a similar rout. We offer pick-ups and drop offs to must resorts with-in Hopkins.

If you are interested in cultural tourism, Hopkins is the best spot for learning about how Garifuna drumming works. There is a local drum school and many of the hotels can arrange for you to partake in a session. Nature sites like Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary are accessible from Hopkins or you can just relax and rent a bicycle, exploring the small fishing village at your leisure

Hopkins stretches about 1.5 miles along the coast and is divided by the 4.5 mile paved Hopkins Rd from the Southern Hwy into North Side and South Side. Depending on the destinations you are traveling to or from, you will be travel on the Gorge Price Highway (Western Highway), the Scenic Hummingbird Highway and the Southern High which is connect to Hopkins Road.

Hopkins Shuttle

Shuttle Rate: Please contact us

Travel Time: San Ignacio & Belize Intl Airport approx 2 1/2hrs