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San Ignacio Shuttle Company

San Ignacio Shuttle goal is to comfortably transfer their passengers to or from each destination in the country, keeping our service friendly and reliable. Your Driver, Sergio Paiz has many years of experience driving Belize’s Highways.

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The Founding Fathers of San Ignacio Shuttles

San Ignacio shuttle is owned and operated by the young, yet ambitious Sergio Paiz and Angie G.  From age 5 – 28, Sergio Jr. was trained by several tour guides in Belize luxury tourism. Sergio Jr. is known for having high customer service skills, and a wealth of knowledge of Belize and Central America.

Sergio Jr. has been driving Belize’s Highways and guiding tours at some of the popular attractions. Confide in Sergio to transfer you to the International Airport or anywhere else you may need a shuttle.

Being known for years on Burns Avenue in the center of San Ignacio town, many tourists would ask for a private shuttle from San Ignacio to a few destinations such as; Placencia, Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Hopkins, Orange Walk, Corozal, The Belize International Airport or the Water taxi in Belize City and other parts of Central America.

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Our Goal

As San Ignacio Shuttle, our main objective is that we believe in quality, not quantity, comfort, luxury and convenience- not discomfort and ache.

Thus we say, “Comfort & Quality is our priority”.

Providing the most relaxing, yet dedicated shuttle transportation. San Ignacio shuttle has the experience of over 5 years. We can show you all the beautiful areas in Belize, from the north to the south of Belize.

San Ignacio Shuttles Vision

San Ignacio Shuttle caters for all visitors, from honeymooners to families. We try our best to provide you with a fair shuttle price, disregarding the fact that the fuel price in Belize is quite high and constantly changing.

The Person Behind San Ignacio Shuttle

Friendly, Approachable and Experience Driver

Sergio Paiz Jr. was trained by many elite tour guides and well-certified Tourism managers. Sergio Jr. is known to be very friendly and helpful when getting around San Ignacio since he knows all the major- popular destinations in the area. There is no doubt that San Ignacio Shuttles can’t take you to your destination in any part of Belize

Sergio Paiz your driver

sergio Paiz Jr.

The Secretary

Angelica Godoy was born in Belize City, grew up in Northern Belize and lived most of her life in Western Belize, San Ignacio Town. Angelica was well-trained by her father, Luis Godoy, a well-known tour guide for over 20 years.

Angelica has had the opportunity of working for different groups such as:


Angelica has the knowledge and skill to book your shuttle transfers, adventure tours and hotel accommodation.