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Belize to Tikal or Flores

transfer from belize to tikal

Belize is the English-speaking gateway to Central America. When visiting Ambergris Caye, Placencia, Hopkins or any other places in the country, you can go see Tikal. As the largest Maya Archaeological site and UNESCO World Heritage site, Tikal is a must-do. a Day tour of Tikal is best done from San Ignacio town.

Many have travelled from Belize to Tikal National park. Our shuttle service and assisted border crossing, make it easy for anyone to travel from one country to the next.

Travel to places in Peten, Guatemala.

There are several ways of getting from Belize to Tikal or Flores, Guatemala. All covid restrictions lifted, you can take a bus, private transfer or flights to our neighbouring county.

Belize to Tikal Flights

While there are no direct flights from Belize to the national park, Tropic Air has flights to the nearest Airport to Tikal from Belize International Airport. Flights from Belize to Peten are available 3 times a week.

belize to tikal flights frs

Private Transfer

A private transfer to Flores or Tikal from Belize may be the best option. You can arrange to be Transferred from Belize City, Placencia, and San Pedro to  Tikal without any delays. Our staff will help during the border crossing into or out of Guatemala. It’s about 4 hours from Belize City to Tikal, leaving on the first water taxi from San Pedro, is recommended.

A transfer allows you to travel at your pace, not waiting for a flight or bus to leave.

Belize City to Tikal Bus?

Known as the adventure way of getting from Belize to Tikal. You would need to take a taxi from the Water taxi terminal to the bus terminal in Belize City. Bus to the Belize Guatemalan border is labelled Benque (Remember that). Benque Viejo Del Carmen is the bordering tour, from there you will take another taxi to the Border, a cab ride is about 5 minutes.

After the border crossing, you would either take the bus (chicken bus) or a van. Many of the Drivers will be saying their destination as you walk by.

Belize to Tikal Transfer

Transfers from San Ignacio Town or Belize City to Tikal and Flores


Belize is an awesome place to vacation. Explore Archeological sites, and barrier reefs or take a jungle tour with a professional guide. Don’t forget to bring your passport for your travel and visit Tikal from Placencia or San Pedro on Ambergris Caye.

Tour Tikal National Park

This Ancient Maya ruin is on just about everyone’s bucket list.  Famous for its temple featured in the Star Wars with various species of flora and fauna.  A Maya ruins where spider monkeys can be seen at time and the best time to explore is all year. These are just some of the reasons you want to visit Tikal from Belize.

Book a tour of Tikal from Belize with us.

Flores in Guatemala Transfer

Book our shuttle when travelling from Flores to Mexico Border or to Placencia or Belize City as you make your way to Caye Caulker or San Pedro.

Belize Guatemala Border procedures

Exiting Belize – Entering Guatemala.

Have your passport ready to stamp out of Belize and pay an exit fee, then a short walk to the Guatemalan side of the border to stamp in. There is no need to declare anything.

Exiting Guatemala – Entering Belize

Stamp out of Guatemala and Stamp in at the Belize Border and on to custom. 

Travel Time:
Belize CityFloresDrive time 4hrs + border crossing (15 to 45 min)
Belize CityTikalDrive time 3.5hrs + border crossing (15 to 45 min)
San IgnacioFloresDrive time 2hrs + border crossing (15 to 45 min)
San IgnacioTikalDrive time 2hrs + border crossing (15 to 45 min)
FloresPlacenciaDrive time 5hrs + border crossing (15 to 45 min)
Guatemalan BorderPlacenciaDrive time 3hrs + border crossing (15 to 45 min)

Book Shuttle Today!

We have special offers when Travelling between these two countries and doing the Tikal day tour from Belize City.