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San Ignacio Shuttles named after the San Ignacio Town, is part of the service offered by Explore Inland Tours (better known as Destiny Tour) on the Burns Ave, Downtown San Ignacio Town.

Why Take a Shuttle from San Ignacio

San Ignacio Town is a highly recommended visitor spot among travelers. San Ignacio Shuttle Service being a part of Explore Inland Tour treats you to all local attractions, and our tour operators have extensive experience working with travelers of all ages. Our Transportation service is great for families and couples as well as the solo traveler, as offer Placencia Shuttles, Belize International Airport Shuttles and Hopkins Shuttles along with many other destinations in Belize.

Need a shuttle to or from San Ignacio Town to or from Placencia, Belize International Airport or even the Water Taxi in Belize City, just let us know where you would like to, as we can certainly carter to your needs. The travel time for any shuttle transfer out of the Cayo District is about 2 to 3 hours and enable passengers to experience more of Belize. We believe that you will find taking a shuttle, is more attractive as you can do tour during you transfer. Our San Ignacio shuttles carry out both private and share shuttle to any of the destination listed on this website.


Shuttle is a great way to See More of Belize!

Our Shuttle Transportation

With the help of our website, San Ignacio Shuttles quickly catching own as one of the town top private transportation provide. Our Shuttle Service is carried out in our road ready Toyota 4Runner, capable of transferring 5 people comfortably plus luggage.

Our Transportation, the Toyota 4Runner is one of the last mid-size SUVs to share DNA with a pickup truck. That’s great for drivers who need a 5000-lb tow rating or who spend weekend’s off-roading.  This makes the 4Runner  perfect for transportation service in Belize, and was our first choice when it comes to shuttles. The vehicle is well suited for Belizean climate and is also a favorite among drivers in the country.

Sergio is our main driver for shuttling anywhere on-road and off-road. He is very knowledgeable about the country, and a very nice respectful person. Sergio's main goal is to make sure all his guests enjoy their vacation.